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January 21st, 8pm

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company is hosting their fourth annual one-act play festival If On a Winter's Night... at the at The Access Theater Gallery (380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013).  This show will also serve as a RACKET. product drive collecting tampons and pads for women in need. Please go support them AND bring something for a menstruator in need!




November 14th

Please join us at 6pm on Monday where we will gather in Margo's home to have dinner together and discuss our plan of action after this tumultuous week.  All points of view will be welcomed and encouraged. 

Invite your friends, and RSVP at: In the coming weeks, RACKET. will be seeking to identify a group of menstruating people who are feeling particularly vulnerable due to the election results. We'd love for you to help us support them by bringing menstrual hygiene products for donation with you to dinner.




Our Mission:

RACKET. thinks that all people deserve a shame-free relationship to their periods regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. We aim to redefine menstrual hygiene products as essential; to provide menstruating people access to these products; and to encourage an open dialogue about menstruation, thereby transforming a historically taboo subject into one that connects communities.

Our Work:

RACKET. is fighting for people who menstruate on many different fronts.  We regularly partner with organizations, businesses, Broadway shows, bands, churches, and shelters to run drives to collect menstrual hygiene products to distribute to people with limited access.  Additionally we partner with journalists and activists to help publicize their work in the field of menstruation and gender equality.

Our Partners:

Who We Are

Margo Seibert and Caroline Angell are two ladies on a mission to take shame out of periods. They’re aiming to make a Racket while exposing and eliminating menstrual taboos, and advocating for equal access to menstrual hygiene products. They began this mission in response to the needs they heard from guests of a homeless dinner program that they volunteer for on Wednesday nights.

Margo and Caroline are old pals from their college days. Margo is an actress, best known for her contributions to new works of musical theatre, and for her portrayal of Adrian in Broadway's Rocky. If you have a minute, Margo would love to sit down with you (preferably in a tent somewhere) and track your cycle, celebrate you as a life giver, and compare the contents of your diva cup to hers. Caroline is an author with her first novel, All the Time in the World, due out from Henry Holt in July of 2016. Caroline wishes she had the arm strength to drag around a large wooden box behind her everywhere she goes, so that she could end every argument she has by jumping up on top of it and screaming "feminism!" Both ladies hope to one day wind up engaging in these activities somewhere near the senate floor.